F.U.I (Food User Interface)

Problem: Why Does Ordering Food Suck?

The idea behind this project stems from the issue that we face every day as consumers. Why does ordering food suck? To better understand why ordering food sucks we have to start to think of the culprits.


-Ordering food takes time and feels mechanical
-Not even remotely fun

Uninformed Decisions

-Little time and little information leads to bad food choices
-Consumers don’t get the big picture of what they are eating

Bad Food

-Can’t instantly change but can Change through dialog or over time
-May not settle well in your stomach, causes sickness.

Concept: How can we Solve This?

The steps that we have to take to fix this problem in regards to Augmented reality deal primarily with customer experiences through smart and intuitive interfaces. Giving consumers a place to learn, experience food through their senses, create their food and then share it with others.

Be Informed

-Consumers need a way to know what they are eating
-Nutritional Information
-How much it is


-People should be able to make their own food the way they want it
-Have an interface that will intuitively allow them to make food


-Give people a way to rate food
-Allow people to learn about other’s opinions on food

Solution: What Will it Look Like?

To make a viable solution you must first integrate it within a person’s environment such as a fast food restaurant. Then one must use devices to create/convince the body that what it’s smelling is actually food. To share your experiences and the things you make through this integrated Augmented UI just requires simple gestures.

Create an Holographic UI

-A Three-Dimensional interface will allow users to experience their food fully IN 3D.
-Allows users to interact with their food in an intuitive way.

Using Devices to Imitate Senses

-The integrated holographic emitter allows people to see 3D images without glasses.
-Nose devices that clamp onto your noise and simulate a sense of smell. SMELL YOUR FOOD.
-Food makes no noise so we don’t have to emulate that. (ok maybe hot fajitas)

Making the Interface Sociable

-Allow on the fly sharing with others around you that you know
-Be able to browse other’s opinions/ratings on selected food
-Make Playing With Your Food Fun

Effect: What Might Happen?

There are many effects that may happen due to this placement of technology within the market. Some are negative and others perhaps positive. They can range from just simple consumer awareness to a complete social change within society involving food and they way we treat and consume it.

Possible Food Simulation

-Possibly open the way to making food tastier/more nutritional through
artificial tasting through AR

-Possible Class division from the poor eating simulated food and the rich
eating the real thing.

The Creation of Fussy Eaters

-Holds Restaurants to a higher standard of food
-Customers expect to be able to make their own food

Better Informed Consumers

-Consumers aware of what they eat
-Create trend of healthier eating in America
-Maybe new system may not even change people’s eating habits

F.U.I (Food User Interface) from Zach Soudan on Vimeo.